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Our duck and goose hunting is superb and very consistent!

It starts with teal the first part of September, continues with early duck season in October, and extends into late November until freeze-up. A full 2 1/2 months of superb duck shooting even on "blue bird days". We harvested 710 ducks in 1998 and 600 in 1999. Late duck hunting for mallards continues on warm water sloughs and for geese on both ponds and fields. This is five months of waterfowl hunting!

  • Hunting Seasons for Waterfowl and dove are as established by the State.

Season of Use

  • Club use extends from September 1st through January 31st, five months. Dog training memberships are also available during off season. Lodge use for a fee is available for special events during the non-hunting season.

​Rimfire Shooting Competition

  • Know Your Limits KYL Targets donated by Mark from Shooting targets 7
  • Bring your Airguns and Rimfire rifles ammo limited to 600 fps 
  • Ammo must be policed up after each match


Hunting Days and Hours

  • Centennial Refuge before freeze-up (about Nov. 20): Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday until 10:00 a.m.
  • Centennial Refuge after freeze-up (about Nov. 20): Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday all day.
  • Advance notice: 5:00 p.m. previous day.



  • Lodge pond is catch and release; single barbless hooks only.
  • Trout in slough and ditch may be kept as per state law.
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2650 RD AA   Orchard, CO 80649   (970) 645-2366


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