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Centennial is an annual membership hunting club designed and built from dry land to provide the best duck and goose hunting available. It has been so successful in attracting waterfowl that the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services has rated it as their number one priority for a new Federal Wildlife Refuge in the Central United States, and it has hosted duck hunts for Ducks Unlimited Executive Officers from Mexico, Canada, and the US.

The club owns 715 acres; miles of ditches, over 50 lakes, ponds, and potholes; warm water sloughs, streams, and cattail marshes. Up to 8,000 geese and 10,000 ducks winter on the reserves central inviolate sanctuary. Tens of thousands more stop over on migrations. The Club also leases up to a thousand acres for additional field goose hunting.

We have a shooting range with a broad selection of AR500 Steel Targets from shootingTargets7 available for your shooting pleasure.

Make sure to bring your eaplugs and shooting glasses so you can shoot safely. All weapons musy have chamber flags installed at any time they are not being used.


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Views of property.

The principal reason for the incredible waterfowl numbers is Lake Clark, a 25 acre lake in the preserve's center. It is kept ice free with an aeration system, is never hunted, and is a permanent inviolate sanctuary. As many as 25,000 ducks have been counted on the lake at one time.

Centennial has an upland bird holding facility that is available for members personal use. Fishing for bass, bluegill, and trout is excellent, including winter ice fishing.

We also feature an outdoor shooting range featuring AR500 steel targets so bring your favorite target rifle to participate. To learn more about the types of targets we use on the range
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2650 RD AA   Orchard, CO 80649   (970) 645-2366


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